The Agency

Diamond Sports was founded by Lou (Elias) Diamantopoulos the year 1998. A company based in Athens Greece and works with all the major markets accross the globe. Diamond Sports is an agency that represents both players and coaches and offers them the best service they can ask for, from personal treatment, to contract negotiations and even the way they market their clients.

Lou's two oldest sons Elias Diamantopoulos and Panos Diamantopoulos have slowly entered the business. Elias Diamantopoulos graduated from the American College of Greece with a degree in Business management and is also a basketball player himself playing for a team in the second division. Panos Diamantopoulos took a different route going straight into business with his father the year he finished school. Panos also played basketball in his younger years and this experience of both sons playing the sport gives them the strong knowledge of the game as well that gives them a competitive advantage over their competitors as they can relate to what a player will be going through.

Diamond sports has grown throughout the years significantly and has created a strong name in the Greek and foreign markets due to its honest work ethic when dealing with clients and basketball teams. Since the company is a family business it has a tendency to deal with all its clients in a very welcoming and caring manner and this is probably one of the main reasons it has seen such a satisfaction from its current clients.

Diamond Sports works independently and with some very strong foreign companies across the globe. With the strong partnership they create an even stronger force in the game of basketball.

Finally we would like to mention that this company works 100% for all its client best interest and makes sure that every step they take is a step in the right direction.