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GskordilisDiamond Sports is an international agency who represents players all around the world. Our agency offers representation to basketball players and coaches in all majors markets, including Greece, Italy, Spain, Russia, Belgium, Germany and various other countries throughout the globe. We are here to help players and coaches take their careers to new heights by providing individual attention to their specific needs and wants, on and off the court. We are a family here at Diamond Sports and take the time to get to know each and everyone of our clients personally and professionally, we are your team and we help you achieve what you believe.

This web site was specifically designed to make the scouting process easier for Coaches and General Managers to scout our clients. It is equipped with player’s profiles and full length online videos. We have pages with our own clients and then we have created a separate section for our partners where you will find all of their player's profiles along with videos. If there is not a video on a player you can just contact us via e-mail and we will have one uploaded as soon as possible.

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