careerplanningCareer Planning

Through our years of experience we provide our clients with a detailed plan on how we see their careers will unfold. Together we can come up with multiple plans in which we can further your career. It's very important to understand the markets and the different subtleties that exist within them to provide our clients with the best preparation in order to achieve success. Personal management is a key component to achieving ultimate success. We help provide guidelines on how to conduct yourself in a proper manner in order to keep up an up worthy public image.  

contractneg1Contracts Negotiations

We offer a complete plan to our clients in every stage of their career. Our goal is to achieve the best-guaranteed contracts and manage your career on a daily basis to help expand your unique talents. Diamond Sports is always on the look out for new opportunities for its clients since its most important goal is their happiness. To insure such desires here at Diamond Sports we work 24/7.

contractnegDietary & Strength Conditioning Programs

As athletes your most important asset is your body and your individual health. For this reason we provide our athletes with both a detailed dietary and strength and conditioning plan specifically made to each in order to keep their body at peak physical condition. 

personalrelationshipsPersonal Relationships

We personally assist our players treating them as family. Diamond Sports is on call 24/7 for its client regardless the matter, whether it business or personal. We take great pride in having strong relationships with our clients and any problem they face we are there to guide them through it. We proudly think that human relationships are strictly fundamental.



Diamond Sports vigorously promotes its players to clubs and coaches throughout the world using its vast network of international contacts in an attempt to place the player in the best possible situation to succeed. Along with our quality contacts across the world we take advantage of social media and promote our clients on a constant basis.

legalLegal Assistance

We offer legal assistance for every possible issue that might arise, from contracts disputes and any other legal matter. We will see through the problem together till the end and make sure you get the best settlement as possible. In the past we have had lots of success with these matters and believe that protecting our clients rights is a must for a healthy relationship.

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Career Planning, Contracts Negotiations, Dietary & Strength Conditioning Programs, Personal Relationships, Marketing and Legal Assistance are just few of our services.


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